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    Cell Settings Exported
    In This Topic

    The following table summarizes how the cell settings are handled when Spread exports to an Excel-formatted file:

    Spread Property Excel Setting How the Setting is Exported
    Note Comments Spread’s cell notes are not exported to Excel.
    CellType   See Cell Type Settings Exported.
    Formula Formulas The formulas, functions, and operators are exported to Excel.
    Locked Locks cells The Locked property setting for individual cells is exported. The default value of the Lock property is False for all cells in Spread. The Protect setting works with the Locked setting for cells to determine whether users can change content. See the Protect feature in Sheet Settings Exported for more information.

    Cell Quantity

    Because Spread supports up to two billion rows and two billion columns on any sheet, and Excel supports less than this, only the number of rows and columns that Excel can handle is exported.

    Cell Spans

    Since Excel supports cell spans, any cell spans in Spread are exported.