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    Cell References in a Formula
    In This Topic

    A formula can refer to constant values or cell references. If a value in any of the referenced cells changes, the result of the formula changes. If you use constant values in the formula instead of references to the cells, the result changes only if you modify the formula (or values in the formula).

    If a new row is added right before or after a cell range in a formula then the range does not include the new row.

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    For more information on setting the reference style for a cell, refer to the ReferenceStyle enumeration in the product’s Assembly Reference (or help) and the ReferenceStyle property for the specific sheet (SheetView object).

    Note: Remember that although most of Spread uses zero-based references to rows and columns, in the creation of formulas you must use one-based references. The column and row numbers start at one (1), not zero (0).

    For more information on cell references that include sheet names, refer to Sheet References in a Formula.

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