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In This Topic
    ExcelSaveFlags Enumeration
    In This Topic
    Specifies what part of the spreadsheet to export to an Excel-compatible file.
    Public Enum ExcelSaveFlags 
       Inherits System.Enum
    Dim instance As ExcelSaveFlags
    public enum ExcelSaveFlags : System.Enum 
    AutoRowHeight[4096] The default row height is not saved. Excel will automatically determine row heights based on the largest font that is set in each row.
    ComboAsDataValidation[16384] Indicates the ComboBoxCellType will be exported as DataValidation.
    DataOnly[32] Saves only the data to the Excel-compatible file.
    DocumentCaching[2048] Keeps Excel data that was previously loaded from the files (e.g. VBA, Macro).
    ExchangeableIndicates that the extension data will be saved.
    ExternalReferenceIndicates that the saved file will be used for external references to the spreadsheet.
    NoFlagsSet[0] Saves the spreadsheet to the Excel-compatible file with no special options.
    NoFormulas[1] Saves the displayed data but not the formulas to the Excel-compatible file.
    NoNotes[1024] Saves the displayed data and formatting, but not the notes.
    SaveAlternatingRowStyles[64] Saves the appearance settings of alternating rows to the Excel-compatible file.
    SaveAsFiltered[8] Saves the results of rows after filtering them to the Excel-compatible file.
    SaveAsViewed[136] Saves the spreadsheet as viewed to the Excel-compatible file.
    SaveBothCustomRowAndColumnHeaders[6] Saves both the custom row headers and the custom column headers to the Excel-compatible file.
    SaveCustomColumnHeaders[4] Saves the custom column headers to the Excel-compatible file.
    SaveCustomRowHeaders[2] Saves the custom row headers to the Excel-compatible file.
    UseCustomPaletteForColorApproximations[256] Uses a custom color palette, and uses it for color approximations if there are more than 56 colors set into Spread.
    UseDefaultColorPalette[512] Uses the default color palette.
    UseOOXMLFormat[16] Saves the spreadsheet to an Excel 2007 (OfficeOpen XML) format.
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