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FarPoint.Win.Spread Assembly / FarPoint.Win.Spread Namespace / Cell Class / GetHashCode Method

In This Topic
    GetHashCode Method (Cell)
    In This Topic
    Hash code of an object
    Public Overrides Function GetHashCode() As Integer
    Dim instance As Cell
    Dim value As Integer
    value = instance.GetHashCode()
    public override int GetHashCode()

    Return Value

    Integer with hash code of that object
    This example illustrates the use of this member by returning the automatically generated code from a hash table for the cell object.
    FarPoint.Win.Spread.Cell aCell;
    object o;
    bool b;
    o = fpSpread1.ActiveSheet.Cells[0, 0];
    aCell = (FarPoint.Win.Spread.Cell)o;
    b = aCell.Equals(o);
    Dim aCell As FarPoint.Win.Spread.Cell
    Dim b As Boolean
    Dim o As Object
    o = fpSpread1.ActiveSheet.Cells(0, 0)
    aCell = o
    b = aCell.Equals(o)
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