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FarPoint.Win.Spread Assembly / FarPoint.Win.Spread Namespace / SheetView Class / OpenExcel Method / OpenExcel(String,String) Method
Path and name of the file to open
Name of the sheet to load from the file

In This Topic
    OpenExcel(String,String) Method
    In This Topic
    Opens an Excel file and loads the specified sheet (by name) from that file into this sheet.
    Public Overloads Function OpenExcel( _
       ByVal fileName As String, _
       ByVal excelSheetName As String _
    ) As Boolean
    Dim instance As SheetView
    Dim fileName As String
    Dim excelSheetName As String
    Dim value As Boolean
    value = instance.OpenExcel(fileName, excelSheetName)
    public bool OpenExcel( 
       string fileName,
       string excelSheetName


    Path and name of the file to open
    Name of the sheet to load from the file

    Return Value

    Boolean: true if successful; false otherwise
    This example open an Excel file and loads it in the active sheet.
    OpenFileDialog ofd = new OpenFileDialog();
    string s;
    ofd.Filter = "Excel files (*.xls)|*.xls";
    ofd.FilterIndex = 2;
    ofd.InitialDirectory = Application.StartupPath;
    ofd.RestoreDirectory = true;
    if (ofd.ShowDialog() == DialogResult.OK) 
        s = ofd.FileName;
        fpSpread1.ActiveSheet.OpenExcel(s, "Sheet1");
    Dim s As String
    Dim ofd As New OpenFileDialog()
    ofd.Filter = "Excel files (*.xls)|*.xls"
    ofd.FilterIndex = 2
    ofd.InitialDirectory = Application.StartupPath
    ofd.RestoreDirectory = True
    If ofd.ShowDialog() = DialogResult.OK Then
        s = ofd.FileName
        FpSpread1.ActiveSheet.OpenExcel(s, "Sheet1")
    End If
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