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In This Topic
    ElementStyle Class
    In This Topic
    Represents the element style object.
    Object Model
    ElementStyle ClassPicture ClassIBorder InterfacePicture Class
    Public Class ElementStyle 
    Dim instance As ElementStyle
    public class ElementStyle 

    Styles let you set several properties for an element. You can save styles and name them, then use them for other controls.

    Any properties that are not set for a style are not applied to a control. For example, if you do not set the BackColor property for a style, when you apply the style to a control, the control retains its original background color.

    Conversely, properties that are set are applied to a control and override its property settings. If you set the BackColor property for a control and a style, then apply the style to the control, the control displays the style's background color setting.

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