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FarPoint.Win Assembly / FarPoint.Win Namespace / ElementWindowless Class / Focused Property

In This Topic
    Focused Property (ElementWindowless)
    In This Topic
    Gets whether the element has focus.
    Public Overridable ReadOnly Property Focused As Boolean
    Dim instance As ElementWindowless
    Dim value As Boolean
    value = instance.Focused
    public virtual bool Focused {get;}

    Property Value

    Boolean value: true if element has focus; false otherwise

    When the element has the focus, it can display a focus rectangle. Specify whether and how the focus rectangle appears in the element by setting the DrawFocusRectangle property.

    Specify whether the element can receive the focus by setting the CanFocus property or the Enabled property.

    Move the focus to the element by calling the Focus(Boolean) method.

    This property is available at run time only.

    bool vbool;
    element.AlignHorz = FarPoint.Win.HorizontalAlignment.Left;
    element.AlignVert = FarPoint.Win.VerticalAlignment.Top;
    element.TextWrap = true;
    element.Text = "Let's plan on meeting at 10.";
    vbool = element.Focused;
    textBox1.Text = Convert.ToString(vbool);
    Dim vbool As Boolean
    element.AlignHorz = FarPoint.Win.HorizontalAlignment.Left
    element.AlignVert = FarPoint.Win.VerticalAlignment.Top
    element.TextWrap = true
    element.Text = "Let's plan on meeting at 10."
    vbool = control.Focused
    TextBox1.Text = vbool
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