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FarPoint.Win Assembly / FarPoint.Win Namespace / ElementWindowless Class / Picture Property

In This Topic
    Picture Property (ElementWindowless)
    In This Topic
    Gets or sets the picture for the element.
    Public Overridable Property Picture As Image
    Dim instance As ElementWindowless
    Dim value As Image
    instance.Picture = value
    value = instance.Picture
    public virtual Image Picture {get; set;}

    Property Value

    Image object containing the picture

    Elements can display pictures in layers. The first layer consists of a foreground picture, next comes the content of the element, such as text and a picture, then comes the background picture, and finally, the background of the element, which displays the background color.

    Set this property to specify the picture for the content layer.

    For more information, see the Image class in the Microsoft .NET Framework Reference.

    Set the ForegroundImage property to specify the foreground picture layer. Set the BackgroundImage property to specify the background picture layer.

    Specify the alignment for the contents in an element using the AlignHorz and AlignVert properties.

    You can work with the positioning of the picture by setting the MarginTop, MarginBottom, MarginLeft, and MarginRight properties. These properties leave space between the edge of the picture and the edges of the element.

    You can also set the PictureMargin property to specify the margin to use between the picture and the text in the control.

    Specify the orientation of the picture by setting the PictureOrientation property.

    You can use the various pictures' transparency colors feature to display portions of the underlying content and other pictures in the element. For the picture layer, set the PictureTransparencyColor property.

    Note: If the computer is in 256-color mode and the element displays a picture and a foreground picture that have different palettes, the palette for the foreground picture will override the palette for the picture.

    If the application changes the picture, the PictureChanged event occurs.

    control.Picture = Image.FromFile("d:\overlay.bmp");
    control.MarginTop = 3;
    control.MarginBottom = 3;
    control.PictureTransparencyColor = Color.Blue;
    control.Picture = Image.FromFile("d:\overlay.bmp")
    control.MarginTop = 3
    control.MarginBottom = 3
    control.PictureTransparencyColor = Color.Blue
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