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GrapeCity.Spreadsheet Assembly / GrapeCity.Core Namespace
Inheritance Hierarchy
In This Topic
    GrapeCity.Core Namespace
    In This Topic
    Provides the namespaces, classes and enumerations for the core functions of the spreadsheet.
    ClassRepresents a custom or built-in document property of a container document. This class cannot be inherited.
    ClassRepresents a spreadsheet theme. This class cannot be inherited.
    ClassAn interface used to defines a set of colors which are referenced to as a color scheme. The color scheme is responsible for defining a list a twelve colors. The twelve colors consist of six accent colors, two dark colors, two light colors and a color for each of a hyperlink and followed hyperlink. This class cannot be inherited.
    ClassRepresents the effects scheme of a theme. This class cannot be inherited.
    ClassThis element defines the set of fonts which are to be used under different languages or locals.
    ClassRepresents the font scheme within the theme. The font scheme consists of a pair of major and minor fonts for which to used in a document. This class cannot be inherited.
    InterfaceRepresents a collection of DocumentProperty objects. Each DocumentProperty object represents a built-in or custom property of a container document.
    EnumerationRepresents all builtin document properties.
    EnumerationDocumentPropertyType defines the type of the custom document property.
    EnumerationSpecifies the known system colors.
    EnumerationRepresents the set of twelve colors come together to form the color scheme for a theme.
    EnumerationRepresents one of the three language fonts contained in the ThemeFonts collection.
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