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    IWorkbook Interface Members
    In This Topic

    The following tables list the members exposed by IWorkbook.

    Public Properties
     PropertyGets the active sheet (the sheet on top).  
     PropertyGets or sets the DocumentProperties object that represents all built-in properties of the workbook.  
     PropertyGets or sets colors in the palette for the workbook. The palette has 56 entries, each represented by an ARGB value.  
     PropertyGets or sets whether the date system used to convert a date to a serial value starts since 1/1/1904.  
     PropertyGets or sets the table style from the TableStyles collection that is used as the default table style.  
     PropertyGets the name of this workbook, including its path, as a string.  
     PropertyGets an array of links in the workbook. The names in the array are the names of the linked documents. Returns empty array if there are no links.  
     PropertyGets or sets the name of this Workbook.  
     PropertyGets a Names collection that represents all the names in the specified workbook (including all worksheet-specific names).  
     PropertyGets a string that represents the complete path to the workbook/file that this workbook object respresents.  
     PropertyGets a value indicating whether the order of the sheets in the workbook is protected.  
     PropertyGets a value indicating whether the windows of the workbook are protected.  
     PropertyGets or sets a boolean value indicating whether externally referenced values will be saved with the workbook, enabling cells which refer to those values to be calculated without returning a #REF! error.  
     PropertyGets a Styles collection that represents all the styles in the workbook.  
     PropertyGets the collection of table styles that are used in the workbook.  
     PropertyGets or sets the theme applied to the current workbook.  
     PropertyGets or sets an UpdateLinks constant indicating a workbook's setting for updating links.  
     PropertyGets the WorkbookSet object contains current IWorkbook object.  
     PropertyGets the worksheet collection.  
    Public Methods
     MethodOverloaded. Applies the specified theme to the current workbook.  
     MethodConverts formulas linked to other workbook to values.  
     MethodCalculates this workbook.  
     MethodCloses this workbook.  
     MethodProtects a workbook so that it cannot be modified.  
     MethodSaves changes to the specified workbook.  
     MethodOverloaded. Saves this Workbook to the specified System.IO.Stream.  
     MethodUnprotects the workbook which is protected by password.  
     MethodOverloaded. Updates the specified link of this workbook.  
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