Spread Windows Forms 13.0 Product Documentation
GrapeCity.Spreadsheet Assembly / GrapeCity.Spreadsheet.Printing Namespace / PageSetup Class / BottomMargin Property

In This Topic
    BottomMargin Property
    In This Topic
    Gets or sets the size of the bottom margin, in points.
    Public Property BottomMargin As Double
    Dim instance As PageSetup
    Dim value As Double
    instance.BottomMargin = value
    value = instance.BottomMargin
    public double BottomMargin {get; set;}

    Property Value

    A double value represents the bottom margin.
    Margins are set or returned in points. Use the GrapeCity.Spreadsheet.IO.OpenXml.UnitConverter.InchesToPoints method or the GrapeCity.Spreadsheet.IO.OpenXml.UnitConverter.CentimetersToPoints method to convert measurements from inches or centimeters.
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