Spread Windows Forms 13.0 Product Documentation
GrapeCity.Win.PluginInputMan Assembly / GrapeCity.Win.Spread.InputMan.CellType Namespace / CharBoxInfo Class / Font Property

In This Topic
    Font Property (CharBoxInfo)
    In This Topic
    Gets or sets font of the char box.
    Public Overridable Property Font As Font
    Dim instance As CharBoxInfo
    Dim value As Font
    instance.Font = value
    value = instance.Font
    public virtual Font Font {get; set;}

    Property Value

    A Font indicates the text font of the char box.

    The Font property is an ambient property. An ambient property is a control property that, if not set, is retrieved from the parent control. For example, a System.Windows.Forms.Button will have the same System.Windows.Forms.Control.BackColor as its parent System.Windows.Forms.Form by default.

    Because the Font is immutable (meaning that you cannot adjust any of its properties), you can only assign the Font property a new Font. However, you can base the new font on the existing font.

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