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    Cell Types Imported from Spread COM Files
    In This Topic

    Spread.NET provides more cell types than Spread COM provided. The cell types in Spread COM are represented in Spread.NET, as described in the following table.

    Spread COM Cell Type Spread.NET Cell Type
    CellTypeButton ButtonCellType
    CellTypeCheckBox CheckBoxCellType
    CellTypeComboBox ComboBoxCellType
    CellTypeCurrency CurrencyCellType
    CellTypeDate DateTimeCellType
    CellTypeEdit TextCellType
    CellTypeNumber NumberCellType
    CellTypeOwnerDrawn No equivalent cell type, but you can create a custom cell type object
    CellTypePercent PercentCellType
    CellTypePic MaskCellType
    CellTypePicture ImageCellType and you can set the BackgroundImage property in any of the editable cell types
    CellTypeScientific No equivalent cell type
    CellTypeStaticText TextCellType
    CellTypeTime DateTimeCellType

    As shown in the table, some cell types do not have equivalent cell types, but instead can be re-created using properties or classes in Spread.NET.

    When Spread.NET imports a Spread COM file, cell types are converted to their equivalent cell types. For Owner-Drawn and Picture cells, the import converts the cells as follows:

    Spread COM Cell Type How it is imported
    CellTypeOwnerDrawn The cell type in Spread COM is ignored. The cell in Spread.NET remains a general cell (default) or whatever cell type was assigned to that cell.
    CellTypePicture As an empty cell that displays the picture set as the BackgroundImage property.

    Spread.NET also offers the following additional cell types:

    Spread.NET Cell Type Description
    BarCodeCellType A cell that displays a bar code
    ColorPickerCellType A cell that displays a color picker
    GeneralCellType A general cell, that can accept a wide range of data, and formats it according to the type of data
    HyperLinkCellType A cell with text that can function as a hyperlink
    ImageCellType A cell that can handle images when bound to a data set
    MultiOptionCellType A cell with a set of options, displayed as radio buttons
    ProgressCellType A cell that displays a progress indicator
    RegularExpressionCellType A cell that handles regular expressions
    RichTextCellType A cell that allows multiple colors and fonts
    SliderCellType A cell that displays a slider control

    For a complete list of cell types, refer to Customizing Interaction with Cell Types.