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GrapeCity.Excel.Chart Namespace / GradientFillFormat Class / FlipMode Property

In This Topic
    FlipMode Property
    In This Topic
    Specifies the direction in which to flip the gradient while tiling.
    Public Property FlipMode As TileFilpMode
    Dim instance As GradientFillFormat
    Dim value As TileFilpMode
    instance.FlipMode = value
    value = instance.FlipMode
    public TileFilpMode FlipMode {get; set;}
    Normally a gradient fill encompasses the entire bounding box of the shape which contains the fill. However, with the tileRect element, it's possible to difine a tile rectange which is smaller than the bounding box. In this situation, the gradient fill is encompassed withing the tile rectange and the tile rectange is tiles across the bounding box to fill the entire area.
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