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GrapeCity.Excel.Chart Namespace / IExcelChartSeriesBase Interface

In This Topic
    IExcelChartSeriesBase Interface Members
    In This Topic

    The following tables list the members exposed by IExcelChartSeriesBase.

    Public Properties
     PropertySpecifies the data used for the category axis  
     PropertyRepresents the data labels of this series.  
     PropertySpecifies collection od data points  
     PropertyRepresents the formatting options of this series.  
     PropertySpecifies the index of the containing element. It shall determine which of the parent's children collection this elemeht applies to.  
     PropertySpecifies the order of the series on the collection. It's 0 based  
     PropertySpecifies text for a series name.  
     PropertySpecifies the data values which shall be used to define the locatin of the data markers on a charts  
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