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GrapeCity.Xaml.SpreadSheet.Data Namespace / ConditionalFormat Class / AddIconSetRule Method
The type of IconSetType icon collection.
The cell ranges where the rule is applied.

In This Topic
    AddIconSetRule Method
    In This Topic
    Adds an icon set rule to the rule collection.
    Public Function AddIconSetRule( _
       ByVal iconSetTye As IconSetType, _
       ByVal ParamArray ranges() As CellRange _
    ) As IconSetRule
    Dim instance As ConditionalFormat
    Dim iconSetTye As IconSetType
    Dim ranges() As CellRange
    Dim value As IconSetRule
    value = instance.AddIconSetRule(iconSetTye, ranges)
    public IconSetRule AddIconSetRule( 
       IconSetType iconSetTye,
       params CellRange[] ranges


    The type of IconSetType icon collection.
    The cell ranges where the rule is applied.

    Return Value

    Returns the new icon set rule.
    This example creates an icon set rule.
    GcSpreadSheet1.Sheets[0].Cells[0, 0].Value = 1;
    GcSpreadSheet1.Sheets[0].Cells[1, 0].Value = 10;
    GcSpreadSheet1.Sheets[0].Cells[2, 0].Value = 6;
    GcSpreadSheet1.Sheets[0].Cells[3, 0].Value = 3;
    GcSpreadSheet1.Sheets[0].ConditionalFormats.AddIconSetRule(GrapeCity.Xaml.SpreadSheet.Data.IconSetType.FourTrafficLights, new GrapeCity.Xaml.SpreadSheet.Data.CellRange[] { new GrapeCity.Xaml.SpreadSheet.Data.CellRange(0, 0, 5, 1) });
    GcSpreadSheet1.Sheets(0).Cells(0, 0).Value = 1
    GcSpreadSheet1.Sheets(0).Cells(1, 0).Value = 10
    GcSpreadSheet1.Sheets(0).Cells(2, 0).Value = 6
    GcSpreadSheet1.Sheets(0).Cells(3, 0).Value = 3
    GcSpreadSheet1.Sheets(0).ConditionalFormats.AddIconSetRule(GrapeCity.Xaml.SpreadSheet.Data.IconSetType.FourTrafficLights, New GrapeCity.Xaml.SpreadSheet.Data.CellRange() { New GrapeCity.Xaml.SpreadSheet.Data.CellRange(0, 0, 5, 1) })
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