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GrapeCity.Xaml.SpreadSheet.Data Namespace / SpreadHighLowSeries Class

In This Topic
    SpreadHighLowSeries Class
    In This Topic
    Represents a data series with x, y, high, and low values.
    Object Model
    SpreadHighLowSeries ClassDataLabelSettings ClassDataLabelSettings ClassChartLabelStyleInfo ClassChartSymbolStyleInfo ClassSpreadDataSeries ClassSpreadDataSeries ClassDoubleSeriesCollection ClassDoubleSeriesCollection Class
    Public Class SpreadHighLowSeries 
       Inherits SpreadXYDataSeries
    Dim instance As SpreadHighLowSeries
    public class SpreadHighLowSeries : SpreadXYDataSeries 
    The HighLowSeries class has four sets of data values (x-coordinates, y-coordinates, high values, and low values).
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