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GrapeCity.Xaml.SpreadSheet.Data Namespace / Worksheet Class / SelectionPolicy Property

In This Topic
    SelectionPolicy Property
    In This Topic
    Gets or sets whether users can select ranges of items.
    Public Property SelectionPolicy As SelectionPolicy
    Dim instance As Worksheet
    Dim value As SelectionPolicy
    instance.SelectionPolicy = value
    value = instance.SelectionPolicy
    public SelectionPolicy SelectionPolicy {get; set;}

    Property Value

    The SelectionPolicy enumeration that indicates how users can select ranges of items.
    This example uses the SelectionPolicy property.
    gcSpreadSheet1.Sheets[0].SelectionPolicy = GrapeCity.Xaml.SpreadSheet.Data.SelectionPolicy.Single;
    gcSpreadSheet1.Sheets[0].SelectionUnit = GrapeCity.Xaml.SpreadSheet.Data.SelectionUnit.Cell;
    GcSpreadSheet1.Sheets(0).SelectionPolicy = GrapeCity.Xaml.SpreadSheet.Data.SelectionPolicy.Single
    GcSpreadSheet1.Sheets(0).SelectionUnit = GrapeCity.Xaml.SpreadSheet.Data.SelectionUnit.Cell

    Target Platforms: Windows Server 2012, Windows RT

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