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GrapeCity.CalcEngine Namespace / CalcCalculationManager Class / GetArrayFormulaByCell Method
The id.
The range that the array formula was set.

In This Topic
    GetArrayFormulaByCell Method
    In This Topic
    Gets the array formula.
    Public Function GetArrayFormulaByCell( _
       ByVal id As CalcCellIdentity, _
       ByRef range As CalcRangeIdentity _
    ) As String
    Dim instance As CalcCalculationManager
    Dim id As CalcCellIdentity
    Dim range As CalcRangeIdentity
    Dim value As String
    value = instance.GetArrayFormulaByCell(id, range)
    public string GetArrayFormulaByCell( 
       CalcCellIdentity id,
       out CalcRangeIdentity range


    The id.
    The range that the array formula was set.

    Return Value

    A string indicates the array formula.
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