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GrapeCity.Windows.SpreadSheet.Data Namespace / ConditionBase Class / GetExpected Method / GetExpected(ICalcEvaluator,Int32,Int32,Boolean) Method
The evaluator.
The base row.
The base column.
if set to true is an array formula.

In This Topic
    GetExpected(ICalcEvaluator,Int32,Int32,Boolean) Method
    In This Topic
    Gets the expected value.
    Public Overloads Function GetExpected( _
       ByVal evaluator As ICalcEvaluator, _
       ByVal baseRow As Integer, _
       ByVal baseColumn As Integer, _
       ByVal isArrayFormula As Boolean _
    ) As Object
    Dim instance As ConditionBase
    Dim evaluator As ICalcEvaluator
    Dim baseRow As Integer
    Dim baseColumn As Integer
    Dim isArrayFormula As Boolean
    Dim value As Object
    value = instance.GetExpected(evaluator, baseRow, baseColumn, isArrayFormula)
    public object GetExpected( 
       ICalcEvaluator evaluator,
       int baseRow,
       int baseColumn,
       bool isArrayFormula


    The evaluator.
    The base row.
    The base column.
    if set to true is an array formula.

    Return Value

    The expected value.
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