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    Adding the Component to the Toolbox
    In This Topic

    Use the following steps to add the component to the Toolbox in Microsoft Visual Studio .NET.

    1. If the Toolbox is not displayed, from the View menu in Visual Studio, choose Toolbox.
    2. Right-click in the Toolbox, and from the pop-up menu choose Customize Toolbox, Add/Remove Items, or Choose Items (depending on the version of Visual Studio).
    3. In the Customize Toolbox dialog, click the .NET Framework Components tab.
    4. In the .NET Framework Components tab, the Spread component (in the FarPoint.Win.Spread namespace) should be displayed in the list of components.
    5. Select the FpSpread component check box and click OK.
    6. If the FpSpread component is not displayed in the list of components, click Browse and browse to the installation path for the Spread component. Once there, select FarPoint.Win.Spread.dll and click Open. The FpSpread component is now displayed in the list of components. Select it and click OK.
    7. Click on the icon in the Toolbox and draw the control on the form.


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