Spread ASP.NET 14
FarPoint.Web.Spread Assembly / FarPoint.Web.Spread Namespace / PagerInfo Class / Mode Property

In This Topic
    Mode Property
    In This Topic
    Gets or sets which page navigation aids are displayed in the Spread component.
    Public Property Mode As PagerMode
    Dim instance As PagerInfo
    Dim value As PagerMode
    instance.Mode = value
    value = instance.Mode
    public PagerMode Mode {get; set;}

    Property Value

    PagerMode setting
    Property must be PagerMode.NextPrev when position is Command Bar.

    A sheet can display next and previous arrows (NextPrev), numbers (Number), or both (Both).

    Note: The only page navigation aids that the component displays on the command bar are the next (>>) and previous (<<) arrows regardless of the Mode property setting. The page numbers, if displayed, are displayed in a separate area depending on the setting of the Position property.

    FpSpread1.Columns.Count = 5;
    FpSpread1.Rows.Count = 150;
    FpSpread1.ActiveSheetView.PageSize = 30;
    FarPoint.Web.Spread.PagerInfo pinf;
    pinf = FpSpread1.Pager;
    pinf.Align = HorizontalAlign.Right;
    pinf.BackColor = Color.Yellow;
    pinf.CssClass = "CssStyle1";
    pinf.Font.Bold = true;
    pinf.ForeColor = Color.Red;
    pinf.Mode = FarPoint.Web.Spread.PagerMode.NextPrev;
    pinf.PageCount = 30;
    pinf.Position = FarPoint.Web.Spread.PagerPosition.Top;
    FpSpread1.Columns.Count = 5
    FpSpread1.Rows.Count = 150
    FpSpread1.ActiveSheetView.PageSize = 30
    Dim pinf As FarPoint.Web.Spread.PagerInfo
    pinf = FpSpread1.Pager
    pinf.Align = HorizontalAlign.Right
    pinf.BackColor = Color.Yellow
    pinf.CssClass = "CssStyle1"
    pinf.Font.Bold = True
    pinf.ForeColor = Color.Red
    pinf.Mode = FarPoint.Web.Spread.PagerMode.NextPrev
    pinf.PageCount = 30
    pinf.Position = FarPoint.Web.Spread.PagerPosition.Top
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