Spread ASP.NET 14
FarPoint.Web.Spread Assembly / FarPoint.Web.Spread Namespace / PercentCellType Class / PercentCellType Constructor / PercentCellType Constructor(Double,Double,String)
Minimum value to allow
Maximum value to allow
Message to display when the input value is not valid

In This Topic
    PercentCellType Constructor(Double,Double,String)
    In This Topic
    Creates a new percent data type cell with the specified range of allowed values and message to display.
    Public Function New( _
       ByVal min As Double, _
       ByVal max As Double, _
       ByVal errorMessage As String _
    Dim min As Double
    Dim max As Double
    Dim errorMessage As String
    Dim instance As New PercentCellType(min, max, errorMessage)
    public PercentCellType( 
       double min,
       double max,
       string errorMessage


    Minimum value to allow
    Maximum value to allow
    Message to display when the input value is not valid
    This example creates a new percent cell with the minimum and maximum values set.
    FarPoint.Web.Spread.PercentCellType pct = new FarPoint.Web.Spread.PercentCellType(0,100,"Check Your Formatting!!");
    FpSpread1.ActiveSheetView.Cells[0, 0].CellType = pct;
    Dim pct As New FarPoint.Web.Spread.PercentCellType(-100,100,"Check Your Formatting!!")
    FpSpread1.ActiveSheetView.Cells(0, 0).CellType = pct
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