Spread ASP.NET 14
FarPoint.Web.Spread Assembly / FarPoint.Web.Spread Namespace / SheetView Class / MessageRowStyle Property

In This Topic
    MessageRowStyle Property
    In This Topic
    Gets or sets the style for the message row.
    Public Property MessageRowStyle As Appearance
    Dim instance As SheetView
    Dim value As Appearance
    instance.MessageRowStyle = value
    value = instance.MessageRowStyle
    public Appearance MessageRowStyle {get; set;}

    Property Value

    Appearance object with the style settings for the message

    Spread displays a message row when there are input errors and the browser is a down-level browser (or the FpSpread EnableClientScript property is set to false).

    This property is only used for rendering the message row that gets inserted below the edit row when you are editing in a down-level browser (or the FpSpread's EnableClientScript property is set to false). The text tips for showing the error in a up-level browser (and the cell notes) always use the standard ToolTip colors.

    This example creates a SheetView object and assigns it to the active sheet. When used in a browser below IE5.5 or, as in this case, EnabledClientScript is set to false, when the user enters invalid data in the first cell, a message row appears with the message "Use Numbers". The foreground and background color properties are set using the SheetView object.
    FarPoint.Web.Spread.SheetView sv = FpSpread1.ActiveSheetView;
    sv.Cells[0, 0].CellType = new FarPoint.Web.Spread.IntegerCellType("Use Numbers");
    FpSpread1.EnableClientScript = false;
    sv.MessageRowStyle.BackColor = Color.Teal;
    sv.MessageRowStyle.ForeColor = Color.DarkBlue;
    Dim sv As FarPoint.Web.Spread.SheetView
    sv = FpSpread1.ActiveSheetView
    sv.Cells(0, 0).CellType = New FarPoint.Web.Spread.IntegerCellType("Use Numbers")
    FpSpread1.EnableClientScript = False
    sv.MessageRowStyle.BackColor = Color.Teal
    sv.MessageRowStyle.ForeColor = Color.DarkBlue
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