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    State Overview
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    The HTML page state is a snapshot of the state of all the page’s data and property settings. This information needs to round-trip from the server to the client to maintain a seamless and coherent user experience. The state maintains the information in the HTML page when the page is refreshed. As an ASP.NET developer, you can and should maintain the state when the page is refreshed, so that user data remains in the page. You have probably experienced pages that do not maintain state; when the page is refreshed, such as to remind you to complete part of a form, your information is lost, and you must complete the entire page again. Understandably, users prefer pages that maintain the state.

    State management can be done in many ways. The method you choose can affect performance; therefore, you should understand the various ways you can manage state and choose the appropriate option for your application. You need to set up your application’s state management to optimize performance while maintaining the state.

    ASP.NET pages and Web Forms components, including Spread for ASP.NET, automatically maintain state. In addition, the Spread component offers properties and methods that let you manage the state, including:

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