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In This Topic
    Setting a Slide Show Cell
    In This Topic

    You can provide a cell that displays a slide-show with the SlideShowCellType class.

    This cell type is dependent on the SlideShow extender of the Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit. The appearance and behavior of this cell type is controlled by the AJAX Control Toolkit. For more information, see the Microsoft AJAX site.

    All controls in the AJAX Control Toolkit can add or attach client behaviors to a target control. The target control is exposed as the Editor property of the extender cell type in Spread.

    Unlike the other cell types in Spread, there are no restrictions and validation of any of the Extenders properties, so use this cell type carefully and provide validation as needed.

    For a list of limitations with this AJAX cell type, refer to Working with ASP.NET AJAX Extender Cell Types.

    For details on the properties and methods for this cell type, refer to the SlideShowCellType class.

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