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    Using Touch Support with Editable Cells
    In This Topic

    You can use touch gestures to edit cells that allow editing.

    Double-tap a cell to go into edit mode. Tap a cell to go into edit mode if the EditModePermanent property is true. Typing a character in the cell also starts edit mode.

    Common touch gestures and the mouse action equivalent are listed in the following table.

    Touch Gesture Mouse Action
    Tap Click
    Double-tap Double-click
    Press and slide Press left mouse button and move

    Combo box, list box, text, double, currency, and date time cells use the standard .NET control and the standard control's touch policy. When the standard .NET control text box has focus and is in edit mode, a text selection gripper is displayed. This is supported by the browser.

    Text Selection Gripper

    Tap an item in the list box cell to select the item.

    The multiple-column combo box cell uses a larger row height in the drop-down list when using touch support.

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