Spread Windows Forms 14.0
GrapeCity.Spreadsheet Assembly / GrapeCity.Spreadsheet.Data Namespace
Inheritance Hierarchy
In This Topic
    GrapeCity.Spreadsheet.Data Namespace
    In This Topic
    ClassRepresents a base class that contains formula binding properties. This class is abstract (MustInherit in Visual Basic) and so cannot be instantiated.
    ClassContains all built-in value converters. This is a %[LangWord]static class% and so cannot be inherited or instantiated.
    ClassRepresents the data manager of a worksheet.
    ClassIndicates that the property can be bind to a formula. This class cannot be inherited.
    InterfaceRepresents all bindings of an object.
    InterfaceProvides a way to apply custom logic to a binding.
    EnumerationSpecifies a value that indicates type(s) of content(s).
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