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GrapeCity.Spreadsheet Assembly / GrapeCity.Spreadsheet.Drawing Namespace / AutoShapeType Enumeration

In This Topic
    AutoShapeType Enumeration
    In This Topic
    Specifies the shape type for an IShape object.
    Public Enum AutoShapeType 
       Inherits System.Enum
    Dim instance As AutoShapeType
    public enum AutoShapeType : System.Enum 
    AlternateProcessFlowAlternate process flowchart symbol
    BackorPreviousButtonBack or Previous button. Supports mouse-click and mouse-over actions.
    BeginningButtonBeginning button. Supports mouse-click and mouse-over actions.
    BentArrowBlock arrow that follows a curved 90-degree angle.
    BentConnector2Bent connector 2
    BentConnector3Bent connector 3
    BentConnector4Bent connector 4
    BentConnector5Bent connector 5
    BentUpArrowBlock arrow that follows a sharp 90-degree angle. Points up by default.
    BlankButtonButton with no default picture or text. Supports mouse-click and mouse-over actions.
    BlockArcBlock arc
    BracePairDouble brace
    BracketPairDouble bracket
    Callout1Callout with horizontal line
    Callout1AccentCallout with horizontal accent bar
    Callout1BorderCallout with horizontal line and border
    Callout1BorderAccentCallout with border and horizontal accent bar
    Callout2Callout with diagonal callout line
    Callout2AccentCallout with diagonal callout line and accent bar
    Callout2BorderCallout with angled callout line and border
    Callout2BorderAccentCallout with border, diagonal straight line, and accent bar
    Callout3Callout with angled callout line
    Callout3AccentCallout with angled callout line and accent bar
    Callout3BorderCallout with angled callout line and border
    Callout3BorderAccentCallout with border, angled callout line, and accent bar
    CalloutCloudCloud callout
    ChartPlusSquare divided vertically and horizontally into four quarters
    ChartStarSquare divided into six parts along vertical and diagonal lines
    ChartXSquare divided into four parts along diagonal lines
    ChordCircle with a line connecting two points on the perimeter through the interior of the circle; a circle with a chord
    CircularArrowBlock arrow that follows a curved 180-degree angle
    CloudCloud shape
    CollateFlowCollate flowchart symbol
    ConnectorFlowConnector flowchart symbol
    CornerRectangle with rectangular-shaped hole.
    CornerTabsFour right triangles aligning along a rectangular path; four 'snipped' corners.
    CurvedConnector2Curved connector 2
    CurvedConnector3Curved connector 3
    CurvedConnector4Curved connector 4
    CurvedConnector5Curved connector 5
    CurvedDownArrowBlock arrow that curves down
    CurvedLeftArrowBlock arrow that curves left
    CurvedRightArrowBlock arrow that curves right
    CurvedUpArrowBlock arrow that curves up
    CustomThe custom shape.
    DecisionFlowDecision flowchart symbol
    DelayFlowDelay flowchart symbol
    DiagonalStripeRectangle with two triangles-shapes removed; a diagonal stripe
    DisplayFlowDisplay flowchart symbol
    DocumentButtonDocument button. Supports mouse-click and mouse-over actions.
    DocumentFlowDocument flowchart symbol
    DoubleWaveDouble wave
    DownArrowBlock arrow that points down
    DownArrowCalloutCallout with arrow that points down
    EightPointedStar8-point star
    EllipseRibbonEllipse ribbon
    EllipseRibbon2Ellipse ribbon 2
    EndButtonEnd button. Supports mouse-click and mouse-over actions.
    ExtractFlowExtract flowchart symbol
    FivePointedStar5-point star
    FoldedCornerFolded corner
    ForwardorNextButtonForward or Next button. Supports mouse-click and mouse-over actions.
    FourPointedStar4-point star
    FrameRectangular picture frame
    Gear6Gear with six teeth
    Gear9Gear with nine teeth
    HalfFrameHalf of a rectangular picture frame
    HelpButtonHelp button. Supports mouse-click and mouse-over actions.
    HomeButtonHome button. Supports mouse-click and mouse-over actions.
    HomePlateHome place
    HorizontalScrollHorizontal scroll
    InformationButtonInformation button. Supports mouse-click and mouse-over actions.
    InputOutputFlowInput output flowchart symbol
    InternalStorageFlowInternal storage flowchart symbol
    IrregularSeal1Irregular seal 1
    IrregularSeal2Irregular seal 2
    LeftArrowBlock arrow that points left
    LeftArrowCalloutCallout with arrow that points left
    LeftBraceLeft brace
    LeftBracketLeft bracket
    LeftCircularArrowCircular arrow pointing counter-clockwise
    LeftRightArrowBlock arrow with arrowheads that point both left and right
    LeftRightArrowCalloutCallout with arrowheads that point both left and right
    LeftRightCircularArrowCircular arrow pointing clockwise and counter-clockwise; a curved arrow with points at both ends
    LeftRightRibbonLef ellipse ribbon
    LeftRightUpArrowBlock arrow with arrowheads that point left, right, and up
    LeftUpArrowBlock arrow with arrowheads that point left and up
    LightningBoltLightning bolt
    LineInverseLine inverse
    MagneticDiskFlowMagnetic disk flowchart symbol
    MagneticDrumFlowMagnetic drum flowchart symbol
    MagneticTapeFlowMagnetic tape flowchart symbol
    ManualInputFlowManual input flowchart symbol
    ManualOperationFlowManual operation flowchart symbol
    MathDivideDivision symbol
    MathEqualEquivalence symbol
    MathMinusSubtraction symbol
    MathMultiplyMultiplication symbol
    MathNotEqualNon-equivalence symbol
    MathPlusAddition symbol
    MergeFlowMerge flowchart symbol
    MovieButtonMovie button. Supports mouse-click and mouse-over actions.
    MultiDocumentFlowMulti-document flowchart symbol
    NonIsoscelesTrapezoidTrapezoid with asymmetrical non-parallel sides
    NoSymbol"No" symbol
    NotchedRightArrowNotched block arrow that points right
    OfflineStorageFlowOffline storage flowchart symbol
    OffPageConnectorFlowOff-page connector flowchart symbol
    OneRoundCornerRectangleRectangle with one rounded corner
    OneSnipCornerRectangleRectangle with one snipped corner
    OneSnipOneRoundCornerRectangleRectangle with one snipped corner and one rounded corner
    OnlineStorageFlowOnline storage flowchart symbol
    OrFlow"Or" flowchart symbol
    PieCircle ('pie') with a portion missing
    PieWedgeQuarter of a circular shape
    PlaqueTabsFour quarter-circles defining a rectangular shape
    PlusPlus symbol
    PredefinedProcessFlowPredefined process flowchart symbol
    PreparationFlowPreparation flowchart symbol
    ProcessFlowProcess flowchart symbol
    PunchedCardFlowCard flowchart symbol
    PunchedTapeFlowPunched tape flowchart symbol
    QuadArrowBlock arrows that point up, down, left, and right
    QuadArrowCalloutCallout with arrows that point up, down, left, and right
    ReturnButtonReturn button. Supports mouse-click and mouse-over actions.
    Ribbon2Ribbon 2
    RightArrowBlock arrow that points right
    RightArrowCalloutCallout with arrow that points right
    RightBraceRight brace
    RightBracketRight bracket
    RightTriangleRight triangle
    RoundCornerRectangleRounded rectangle
    SevenPointedStar7-point star
    SixPointedStar6-point star
    SixteenPointedStar16-point star
    SmileyFaceSmiley face
    SortFlowSort flowchart symbol
    SoundButtonSound button. Supports mouse-click and mouse-over actions.
    SquareTabsFour small squares that define a rectangular shape
    StraightConnector1Straight connector
    StripedRightArrowBlock arrow that points right with stripes at the tail
    SummingJunctionFlowSumming junction flowchart symbol
    SwooshArrowCurved arrow
    TeardropWater droplet
    TenPointedStar10-point star
    TerminatorFlowTerminator flowchart symbol
    ThirtyTwoPointedStar32-point star
    TwelvePointedStar12-point star
    TwentyFourPointedStar24-point star
    TwoDiagonalRoundCornerRectangleRectangle with two rounded corners, diagonally-opposed
    TwoDiagonalSnipCornerRectangleRectangle with two snipped corners, diagonally-opposed
    TwoSameSideRoundCornerRectangleRectangle with two-rounded corners that share a side
    TwoSameSideSnipCornerRectangleRectangle with two snipped corners that share a side
    UnspecifiedReturn value only; indicates a combination of the other states.
    UpArrowBlock arrow that points up
    UpArrowCalloutCallout with arrow that points up
    UpDownArrowBlock arrow with arrowheads that point both up and down
    UpDownArrowCalloutCallout with arrowheads that point both up and down
    UTurnArrowBlock arrow forming a U shape
    VerticalScrollVertical scroll
    WedgeEllipseCalloutCallout with wedge and ellipse
    WedgeRectangleCalloutCallout with wedge and rectangle
    WedgeRoundRectangleCalloutCallout with wedge and round rectangle
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