Spread Windows Forms 14.0
GrapeCity.Spreadsheet Assembly / GrapeCity.Spreadsheet.Drawing Namespace / ICalloutFormat Interface / Drop Property

In This Topic
    Drop Property
    In This Topic
    Gets the vertical distance (in pixels) from the edge of the text bounding box to the place where the callout line attaches to the text box.
    ReadOnly Property Drop As Integer
    Dim instance As ICalloutFormat
    Dim value As Integer
    value = instance.Drop
    int Drop {get;}

    Property Value

    The vertical distance (in pixels).
    This distance is measured from the top of the text box unless the AutoAttach property is set to true and the text box is to the left of the origin of the callout line (the place that the callout points to), in which case the drop distance is measured from the bottom of the text box.
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