Spread Windows Forms 14.0
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In This Topic
    Edit tab
    In This Topic

    The Edit tab of the Spread Settings dialog allows you to set various properties of the cell and how editing is handled.


    This tab provides the following items:



    Editing Text Can Overflow

    Set whether data can overflow into adjacent empty cells while a cell is in edit mode

    Cells Always in Edit Mode

    Set whether a cell is in edit mode whenever it becomes the active cell

    Editing Replaces Existing Text

    Set whether the existing text in a cell is selected when the cell enters edit mode

    On Focus Set Cell to Pointer

    Set whether the location of the active cell moves when the user moves the focus to the view using the mouse

    For more information on cell edit settings, refer to the members of the Cell class and to Customizing Interaction in Cells in the Developer’s Guide.