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In This Topic
    Adding a Status Bar
    In This Topic

    You can add a status bar to the component. The status bar allows you to set zoom settings and displays information such as the average, sum, and counts for selected cells.

    The following image displays the sum, average, count, and zoom slider in the status bar.

    The following options are available in the status bar.

    Option Description
    Average This option displays the average from the selected cells that contain numerical values.
    Count This option displays the number of selected cells.
    Minimum This option displays the minimum numerical value in the selected cells.
    Maximum This option displays the maximum numerical value in the selected cells.
    Numerical Count This option displays the number of selected cells that contain numerical values.
    Sum This option displays the sum of numerical values in selected cells.
    Zoom (100%) This option displays the zoom level. Select the zoom percentage to display a dialog that allows you to set additional magnification options.
    Zoom Slider This option displays a slider with plus and minus buttons for changing the zoom options.

    You can right-click on the status bar to display menu options that you can check or uncheck.

    Setting Method

    You can display the status bar by setting StatusBarVisible property of FpSpread class to true.

    Sample Code

    This example adds a status bar to the component and sets colors for the status bar.

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    fpSpread1.StatusBarVisible = true;
    fpSpread1.StatusBar.BackColor = Color.LemonChiffon;
    fpSpread1.StatusBar.ZoomSliderColor = Color.Turquoise;
    fpSpread1.StatusBar.ForeColor = Color.OliveDrab;
    fpSpread1.StatusBar.ZoomButtonHoverColor = Color.Gold;
    fpSpread1.StatusBar.ZoomSliderTrackColor = Color.DodgerBlue;
    fpSpread1.StatusBar.ZoomSliderHoverColor = Color.BurlyWood;
    Visual Basic
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    FpSpread1.StatusBarVisible = True
    FpSpread1.StatusBar.BackColor = Color.LemonChiffon
    FpSpread1.StatusBar.ZoomSliderColor = Color.Turquoise
    FpSpread1.StatusBar.ForeColor = Color.OliveDrab
    FpSpread1.StatusBar.ZoomButtonHoverColor = Color.Gold
    FpSpread1.StatusBar.ZoomSliderTrackColor = Color.DodgerBlue
    FpSpread1.StatusBar.ZoomSliderHoverColor = Color.BurlyWood

    Using the Spread Designer

    1. Select Spread in the Properties window.
    2. Set StatusBarVisible property to true.
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