Spread WPF 14
GrapeCity.Windows.SpreadSheet.Data Namespace / CellRange Class / GetIntersect Method
The first cell range.
The second cell range.
The maximum row count.
The maximum column count.

In This Topic
    GetIntersect Method
    In This Topic
    Gets the intersection of two cell ranges.
    Public Shared Function GetIntersect( _
       ByVal cellRange1 As CellRange, _
       ByVal cellRange2 As CellRange, _
       ByVal maxRowCount As Integer, _
       ByVal maxColumnCount As Integer _
    ) As CellRange
    Dim cellRange1 As CellRange
    Dim cellRange2 As CellRange
    Dim maxRowCount As Integer
    Dim maxColumnCount As Integer
    Dim value As CellRange
    value = CellRange.GetIntersect(cellRange1, cellRange2, maxRowCount, maxColumnCount)
    public static CellRange GetIntersect( 
       CellRange cellRange1,
       CellRange cellRange2,
       int maxRowCount,
       int maxColumnCount


    The first cell range.
    The second cell range.
    The maximum row count.
    The maximum column count.

    Return Value

    Returns null if there is no intersection, or the cell range of the intersection.
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