Spread WPF 14
GrapeCity.Windows.SpreadSheet.Data Namespace / DataValidator Class / GetValidList Method
The evaluator.
The base row.
The base column.

In This Topic
    GetValidList Method
    In This Topic
    Returns the valid data lists if the data validation type is list; otherwise, returns null.
    Public Function GetValidList( _
       ByVal evaluator As ICalcEvaluator, _
       ByVal baseRow As Integer, _
       ByVal baseColumn As Integer _
    ) As Object()
    Dim instance As DataValidator
    Dim evaluator As ICalcEvaluator
    Dim baseRow As Integer
    Dim baseColumn As Integer
    Dim value() As Object
    value = instance.GetValidList(evaluator, baseRow, baseColumn)
    public object[] GetValidList( 
       ICalcEvaluator evaluator,
       int baseRow,
       int baseColumn


    The evaluator.
    The base row.
    The base column.

    Return Value

    The valid list.
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