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    Following are the breaking changes for DefaultSheetAxisModel.

    Assigning unsynchronized row-column count axis model to the SheetView In Spread WinForms 11, assigning unsynchronized row-column count Axis model (of the DefaultSheetAxisModel) to the SheetView model is not allowed.                

    Spread WinForms 11 will not keep reference after a user assigns DefaultSheetAxisModel to the model of SheetView. This means that when the DefaultSheetAxisModel is assigned to the new model of SheetView, users can just perform the copy operation. The reference to the assigned model won't be kept anymore.

    Change behavior when set size to axis In Spread WinForms 11, when the size is set to 0, Spread will update the visible state to false in the DefaultSheetAxisModel. The concerning methods are SheetView.GetRowHeight(), SheetView.SetRowHeight(), SheetView.GetRowVisible(), SheetView.SetRowVisible(), SheetView.Models.RowAxis.GetSize() and SheetView.Models.RowAxis.GetVisible().

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