How to Use C1Live

  1. Click the C1 logo on your desktop or Start Menu to open the C1Studio folder.
  2. Open C1Live.
  3. Select the individual product or Edition you'd like to update.
  4. Select the version you'd like to update.
  5. The product will automatically download and install

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Benefits of C1Live

Faster and Easier Downloads

With one glance at C1Live, you'll know what needs to be updated. The update utility automatically identifies your eligible Editions, so you'll know instantly what you need to download. C1Live also lets you know when you need to update your subscription, so you'll never miss a release again!

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Smaller Downloads, No Extras

C1Live does not download samples or install controls in your Visual Studio ToolBox, saving you time and space with much smaller downloads.

C1Live Documentation