Introducing GrapeCity Documents for Word | A Word API for .NET Standard 2.0.| Getting Started Mac


October 02, 2018

If you're working with Microsoft Word documents in .NET Standard 2.0 applications, you’ll likely need to share private information (invoices, reports, or other sensitive documents) with other groups inside or outside of your organization. Typically, you'd use the Microsoft Office API; however, the Word API poses a limitation. In order to work with Word documents, you would need Microsoft Word installed on the system.

GrapeCity introduces Documents for Word (GcWord), a Word API that offers a complete solution for working with Word documents in .NET Standard 2.0 applications. With an object model based on the Microsoft Office API, Word JavaScript API, and OpenXML SDK, you can create, load, edit, save, and convert Word documents in .NET Standard 2.0 applications—with zero dependencies on Microsoft Word.

With a familiar and easy-to-use object model, GrapeCity Word's high-performance library includes an object model to create DOCX files through code; load DOCX files; access the object model and add, remove, and modify objects (and their properties); and then save to a .docx file or export to PDF.

This video will walk you through how to get started with GcWord -- on Mac. Read the full blog here.