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A Realistic Approach to Content Management with Microsoft SharePoint

1 hr Sep 23, 2010: 2:00 pm EST & Dec 14, 2010: 9:00 am EST

Whether you are a single author or part of a team, managing your content is an important practice that ensures efficiency in your work and accuracy in your documentation. Content management practices will help you route material through an approval or signature process, ensure that the right people work on it at the right time, facilitate quality assurance, allow you to track changes, and facilitate content reuse. The problem is that most content management systems are very expensive and require a large learning curve. In fact, many implementations fail because of the complexity.

Why not use Microsoft SharePoint? SharePoint has built-in document management features that you can begin using immediately without worrying about a costly implementation and learning cycle. Acquiring and implementing SharePoint is not a hard sell because most organizations already have it and, if not, there are free versions of SharePoint available. For these reasons, SharePoint is becoming the gold standard for many business activities, including content management.

This session will discuss why you should use SharePoint, what features you can take advantage of, and how Doc-To-Help integrates with it.

What We Will Cover:

  • Why use SharePoint
  • SharePoint’s management features
  • Doc-To-Help’s SharePoint integration

Who Should Attend:
If any of these apply, this session will be great for you.

  • Writers looking for an easy way to collaborate and manage content
  • SharePoint users who would like an easy way to publish and share information stored in document libraries
  • Managers interested in ways to improve teamwork
  • Anyone who is curious about SharePoint