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ActiveReports - An Introduction

1 hr Mar 25, 2015: 3:00 pm EST

Your .NET reporting can be easier! Learn how you can take your reporting to the next level with ActiveReports.

Learn how ActiveReports can add powerful and intuitive reporting capabilities to your Visual Studio solutions, without sacrificing any features you are using in your current reporting product.

With a Visual Studio IDE integrated report designer, developers don’t have to spend time learning new technology since ActiveReports leverages .NET syntax. Along with a comprehensive list of reporting controls like Charts, Tables, Maps, TOC, CrossTab, and Bar Codes, ActiveReports makes working with advanced reporting features a breeze.

The webinar answers the following questions:

  • What is ActiveReports?
  • What Report Type is right for me?
  • Why should I use it (WIIFM)?
  • Can I see a live demo and walkthrough of ActiveReports?

The answer to the last one is "Yes!" The webinar includes demos of the following:

  • The Visual Studio IDE integrated Report Designer: See how developers can design reports without leaving their preferred IDE.
  • The End User Report Designer: See how you can redistribute report design capabilities to your end users using the End User Report Designer (EUD).
  • The ActiveReports Server: Learn how the centralized scalable server technology can save you time and money for deploying your reporting module.
  • The web-based Report Designer: Learn how the average business user can self-serve and design ad-hoc reports without needing to know SQL language.