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Better Together: Combining ComponentOne Studios for the Desktop

1 hr Feb 11, 2010: 1:00 pm EST

Learn firsthand how to develop rich WinForms and WPF applications using the WPF MediaPlayer, WPF Book, and WinForms FlexGrid controls. In the WinForms demo, we’ll focus on how to improve your application by adding rich data visualizations including 3D effects and media elements. The WPF demo will mainly focus on giving your WPF app the ability to work with the powerful FlexGrid control, as well as any of our other 60+ Windows Forms controls. By combining the WPF and Windows Forms controls in one application, you’ll have more options to vastly improve any WPF app you are developing.

Audience(s): Developer

Level: 200

What we will cover:

  • Overview of how WinForms and WPF interact
  • Demo using ComponentOne WPF controls and ComponentOne WinForms controls in the same Windows Forms application
  • Show a WPF application using both ComponentOne WPF controls and ComponentOne WinForms controls on the same page