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Create Impressive Software Documentation Projects in Half the Time

1 hr Feb 3, 2010: 12:00 am EST

Doc-To-Help makes it possible to author any content in your choice of editors (Word, XHTML, or HTML) and output exactly what you need – online Help, web output, or manuals. If you need to create software documentation, policies and procedures, training materials, knowledgebases, or any other information quickly and efficiently, Doc-To-Help is the ideal tool.

This webcast covers essential Doc-To-Help features and how to get your project started. Topics covered include customization and creation of the Table of Contents, Context IDs, and the Index, as well as an overview of Doc-To-Help tips, tricks, and best practices.

This session is ideal for those looking for a practical, in-depth introduction of what Doc-To-Help is, what it can do, and how to get started using it.

What We Will Cover:

  • Introduction to ComponentOne Doc-To-Help
  • Tour of the Interface
  • Tips, tricks, and best practices
  • Key features and aspects of various outputs, with a focus on NetHelp
  • General overview of how to get started and how to construct your project

Who Should Attend:
If any of these apply, this session will be great for you.

  • Owners or evaluators of Doc-To-Help
  • Technical communicators who need to create Help and/or printed manuals
  • Manual authors who would like to use the content online or on screen
  • Software developers who need to write documentation
  • Users of Help authoring tools who are looking for alternatives