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Creating WinForms Applications

1 hr Jan 20, 2010: 12:00 am EST, 5:00 am EST

This webcast is being held on January 20, 2010 at 11:00 AM Indian Standard Time (IST). If you are not sure what time this webcast takes place in your time zone, click the link that says "Show time in my time zone" after clicking on the link to reserve your seat.

In this webcast, we will demonstrate how ComponentOne Studio for WinForms helps you to quickly create a feature rich application. The Windows Forms controls used in this application enhance the user experience and at the same time reduces the coding effort required.

For today's demo we will be creating a Task Manager application using ComponentOne controls like C1FlexGrid, C1InputPanel, and C1Ribbon. Throughout the webcast we will be discussing features of the individual controls like binding, styles/themes, loading /saving to XML/XLSX, merging data, data views, and more.

Audience(s): Developer

Level: 200

Environment: Windows Vista and Microsoft Visual Studio 2008

Language: C#

Organizer: Prabhakar Mishra