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Doing More with Silverlight

1 hr Apr 21, 2010: 1:00 pm EST & Apr 22, 2010: 10:00 am EST

Silverlight is a growing technology and it’s being used more and more around the world for creating rich, interactive business applications for both the Web and desktop development.

This Webcast dives right into many of the development tasks crucial to business applications. These tasks may be considered extremely easy in other development platforms, such as Windows Forms and ASP.NET, but in Silverlight they come with a twist. These tasks include implementing simple page navigation, creating dialog windows, and styling controls. You’ll learn how to complete these tasks from the ground up so you can take this knowledge and apply it to your own applications. And since we’re working with business applications we have to deal with data somehow, you’ll learn more ways to access data in Silverlight.

Audience(s): Developer

Level: 200

What You Will Learn

This Webcast will demonstrate how to:

  • Develop a Silverlight application from the ground up, skipping over the basics and diving right into more intermediate tasks
  • Navigate between multiple pages, and how to pass data between pages
  • Show pop-up windows or dialogs within the Silverlight environment
  • Create styles and use a single style across an entire application (much like CSS but for Silverlight)
  • Customize a control’s template for even more styling capabilities

If you’ve attended our Getting Started with Silverlight Webcast in the past then this is the perfect next step on your road to mastering Silverlight.