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Easy Localization With Doc-To-Help and Microsoft SharePoint

1 hr Nov 10, 2010: 3:00 pm EST

It is a little known fact that Microsoft SharePoint includes easy-to-use tools for managing document translation. And it is even less widely known that Doc-To-Help’s integration with SharePoint gives you access to these features. You can store your content (created in Microsoft Word, Doc-To-Help’s editor, or HTML) in a SharePoint Translation Management Library and use SharePoint’s built-in tools to manage localization.

When a document is translated, it will automatically synchronize with the appropriate project and all you need to do is generate output. Since SharePoint has free versions (and most companies already have it), you get a low-cost and easy way to manage the translation process.

This webinar will show how Translation Management Libraries work and how you can use Doc-To-Help and SharePoint together.

Who Should Attend:
If any of these apply, this session will be great for you.

  • Writers looking for an easy way to collaborate and manage content
  • SharePoint users who would like an easy way to publish and share information stored in document libraries
  • Managers interested in ways to improve teamwork
  • Anyone who is curious about SharePoint