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Getting Started with LINQ

1 hr Jul 15, 2009: 1:00 pm EST & May 27, 2009: 1:00 pm EST & Sep 17, 2009: 9:00 am EST

LINQ is a powerful new capability for accessing a wide variety of data sources. This Webcast takes you through the basics of harnessing its power.

Audience(s): Developer

Level: 100

What we will cover:

  • What is LINQ, and what sets it apart from the technologies that preceded it?
  • Show how LINQ can be used to query data in enumerable system objects, in this case the file system. We’ll see how Intellisense and type-inference is supported by LINQ.
  • Demonstrate how LINQ can be used to query somewhat more complex, composite, data objects, in this case FileInfo data. This data type includes things like creation and modified dates, file paths, attributes and a bunch of other file details.
  • We’ll construct an object on-the-fly with LINQ.
  • Show how to project data into objects that we have defined, rather than anonymous types.
  • Take our LINQ to SQL query and add some filtering to it.
  • Demonstrate how we can use LINQ to access SQL Server data.
  • Brief overview of how ComponentOne’s LiveLINQ boosts LINQ query performance and turns LINQ query results into “Live Views” enabling all bound UI controls to be synchronized as data is created, modified, and deleted.