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Inside Wijmo 5, a Large-Scale JavaScript Product

1 hr Oct 13, 2015: 2:00 pm EST

GrapeCity has been developing JavaScript products for over six years. The browser landscape has changed greatly since we started and we have learned a lot along the way. Today, we manage Wijmo 5, a suite of JavaScript UI controls, specializing in a high-performance datagrid and powerful charts. In this session, we will give you a look inside our project. We will go over the collections of tools, frameworks, languages and patterns that we have refined over the years. You walk away from this session with useful tips for managing large-scale JavaScript applications.

About the Presenter

As the Global Product Manager for GrapeCity's Wijmo product line, Chris Bannon is the one talking HTML5, ECMAScript, and AngularJS at the water cooler. In his day to day activities, Chris drives and delivers software targeted towards web developers, all the while keeping a pulse on market needs. A Certified Internet Webmaster and self-proclaimed both-end developer, Chris is likely coding at all hours of the day that is when he is not presenting tech talks worldwide.