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Migrating MVVM Applications to HTML5

1 hr Feb 10, 2016: 2:00 pm EST

How difficult is it to port desktop applications to HTML5? That is the question we hear every day at GrapeCity. Instead of speculating about it, we decided to sit down and try it. Today we will discuss the process and tools we used when doing so. The approach we took was to use the MVVM pattern (from Silverlight/WPF) when developing the HTML5 version. By choosing this method we were able to port our data access and UI layers quite easily. We take advantage of tools like AngularJS, TypeScript and Wijmo to make the process even easier. We were able to minimize the cost of learning new paradigms in this migration by reusing most of our knowledge. What we ended up with was nearly identical applications in XAML and HTML5. Learn how you can smoothly transition to HTML5!