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Part 2: A Look at Windows 8 PdfViewer, Date Time Editor, Input, Layout Panel, and FlexGrid Controls

1 hr Mar 14, 2013: 2:00 pm EST

This multi-part introductory level webcast series will familiarize you with Windows Store application development using XAML and C#. It'll introduce you to Windows 8 and demonstrate tips and tricks for developing professional, responsive, and stylish apps. We'll highlight the Windows 8 controls from ComponentOne Studio.

We will look at specific controls from the Studio, go over the control features in depth, and demonstrate examples to get you started with coding. By learning the ins and outs of the ComponentOne Windows 8 controls, your Windows Store applications will be more compelling with powerful and unique functionality.

In Part 2 of the Windows 8 WinRT control webcast series, we will walk through the WinRT Control Explorer and familiarize you with all the new controls for Windows 8 development. We'll also quickly discuss their key features and benefits. Then, we will dive into the following controls and demonstrate examples to get you started with using XAML and C#:

  • PdfViewer
  • Date Time Editors
  • Input
  • Layout Panels
  • FlexGrid