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Business Intelligence Reporting and Dashboarding Fundamentals

1 hr Nov 22, 2019: 10:00 am EST, 2:00 pm EST

Understand the Story of Your Data

Data visualization design isn’t only about presenting data; it’s about displaying data in a way that makes it easier to understand — effectively telling the story behind your data to make more informed business decisions.

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Essentials of Data Visualization and BI

This webinar addresses the essentials of data visualization, business intelligence, and how reports and dashboards fit into the overall BI process. We'll cover the “why” to the “how,” and everything in between. We discuss what defines business intelligence, the state of the BI industry, and how reporting and dashboarding fit into the overarching business intelligence process.

Data visualization and reporting experts will explain various types of BI reports. We compare and contrast ad hoc vs. canned reports, discuss when to use each, their purpose, as well as the many benefits of all types of reports and dashboards.

We give an overview of our business intelligence solution, Wyn Enterprise. This demo will show how you can effortlessly implement a complete BI solution into your enterprise to understand the story of your data.