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Skinning with Expression Blend

1 hr Jun 18, 2009: 1:00 pm EST

ComponentOne's own "Chief Creative Ninja", David May, shows how you can use Microsoft's designer tools to create engaging, professional-looking Silverlight and WPF applications.

Audience(s): Developer, Designer

Level: 200

What we will cover:

  • Overview of Expression Blend and some basic layout and formatting techniques.
  • Show how we can use some basic design principals to further layout the application components and give our users a better experience.
  • Demonstrate coloring concepts, themes, and the use of alpha-blending to keep the design flexible.
  • Add a “Glassing Effect” for a professional looking application that's not difficult to do with Expression Blend.
  • Brief overview of ComponentOne Studio for WPF and Studio for Silverlight benefits.